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Name: Alessandro Romero (formerly Alexandros)
Date of Birth: 59 A.D.
Apparent Age: Late 40s
Place of Birth: Rome
Current Home: New York City
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Sex: Male
PB: Eros Ramazzatti

Nature: (A character's basic personality, their fundamental behavior and perception of the world.)

    Director: To the Director, nothing is worse than chaos and disorder. The Director seeks to be in charge, adopting a "my way or the highway" attitude on matters of decision making. The Director is more concerned with bringing order out of strife, however, and need not be truly "in control' of a group to guide it. Coaches, teachers and many political figures exemplify the Director Archetype.

Demeanor: (The image the character projects to the outside world.)

    Conniver: Why work for something when you can trick somebody else into getting it for you? The Conniver always tries to find the easy way, the fast track to success and wealth. Some people call him a thief, a swindler or less pleasant terms, but he knows that everybody in the world would do unto him if they could. He just does it first, and better. Criminals, con artists, salespeople, urchins and entrepreneurs might be Connivers.

Derangement: Schizophrenia (mild)

Jewelry: Wears a ring on his left hand. It's a heavy, old fashioned gold ring with a large garnet in the center held by a dragon's claw. The decorative bits of the ring are, in fact, sharp enough to draw blood.

Clan: Lasombra Antitribu
Occupation: Businessman with mob ties
Generation: 5th

Humanity 4: Hey, some people gotta die. The vampire begins an inevitable slide into urge indulgence. A Humanity of 4 indicates that killing is acceptable to this Kindred, so long as his victim is deserving (which is, of course, quite subjective). Many vampire elders hover around this level of Humanity, if they haven't adopted some other moral code. Destruction, theft, injury -- these are all tools, rather than taboos, for a vampire with Humanity 4. Also, the vampire's own self and agenda become paramount at this point, and devil take whoever gets in the way. Physical changes become quite evident at this stage; while not hideous in the sense of the Nosferatu or certain Gangrel, the vampire acquires a pallid, corpse-like and noticeably unwholesome aspect.

  • Pelagic Harmony - Being close to the sea calms you and reinforces your self-control. All Willpower rolls made while you're on or within sight of the sea have their difficulties lowered by one.
  • Eat Food - You have the capacity to eat food and even savor its taste. While you cannot derive any nourishment from eating regular foods, this ability will serve you well in maintaining the Masquerade. Of course, you can't digest what you eat, and there will be some point during the evening when you must force yourself to heave it back up.
  • Weather Sense - This acumen is very much prized among seafaring Lasombra. A few sires manage to pass on its intricacies to their childer. You subconsciously sense impending bad weather. The Storyteller makes a Perception + Survival roll (difficulty 7) on your behalf to give up to several hours' notice of storms and other weather problems before they manifest.
  • Light Sleeper - You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. You may ignore rules regarding how Humanity/Path restricts the number of dice available during the day.
  • Cast No Reflection (automatic for Lasombra) - You actually cast no reflection, just like the vampire of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as a human. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw (and you may be mistaken for one of them if you possess this) and cannot take it to gain Freebie Points.
  • Poseidon's Call - Your self-control varies with the weather. Make rolls to resist frenzy at -1 difficulty in completely calm weather, but +1 difficulty on rough seas, +2 in thunderstorms and +3 in hurricanes.
  • Diabolist (secret) - You have committed diablerie at least once to achieve your current position of power, but no one yet knows your secret. Should the information ever be revealed, other elders may well refuse you aid, shun you or, even worse, turn against you, perhaps even calling a Blood Hunt. It is imperative you keep this information hidden. Should your secret ever be revealed you will receive a +3 difficulty modifier to any Social roll involving elder Kindred.

Disciplines: Obtenebration 6, Auspex 2, Dominate 6, Dementation 2, Potence 5, Fortitude 4, Celerity 2

History: Born to freed Greeks living in Rome, Alexandros's childhood was relatively carefree. As the child of a Greek doctor, he learned both Greek and Latin, as well as the science and philosophy of the time. As a child, he wanted to become a senator of Rome.

When he was older, he instead was required to serve in the Roman military. He excelled, and rose through the ranks quickly, at least until he caught the eye of one of the local Lasombra. His private life fell apart first, with his family one-by-one dying of seemingly random events. When that didn't sway him, his professional life was targeted, with Alexandros eventually ending up being held as a traitor the Empire. His Sire came to him and spirited him away, turning him in the process. The Lasombra recognized that the Roman soldier had a keen mind and far more potential than just in leading legions.

Alessandro has served in a martial capacity for the Lasombra since his Embrace, first as a bodyguard for his Sire, a higher-ranking Lasombra of Rome. Deceived by his Sire about who ruined his mortal life, he was a seemingly loyal soldier at first. As rumors began to surface and Alessandro learned the truth, he began to ruin his Sire's life. Quietly at first, pinpoint, violent strikes, seemingly by Garou, human hunters, and even by murderous fae plagued his Sire. The older Lasombra's loyal supporters evaporated, either killed by Alessandro or too smart to interfere. Alessandro destroyed his Sire's home, all of the servants, and diablerized him. Alessandro ended up a sailor, a pirate preying on ships sailing the Mediterranean.

Long afterwards, a ship captain ashore in New York while his ship underwent repairs. He accepted a proposal by the Archbishop of New York to become a Templar in his service. He's been serving the now Cardinal of the Northeast since, though lately the Cardinal has been acting more and more erratically...

Personality and Skills notes:
  • Alessandro learned a love of science and philosophy early. He tends to be inquisitive and well-spoken and doesn't subscribe to any particular superstition. He enjoys new scientific advancements.
  • His knows enough about technology to navigate his way around the modern world, but shows a strong preference for non-technological solutions when possible. He has an extensive library, only grudgingly carries a cellphone, and prefers paper and pen for writing. He does have a computer, but views it only as a semi-useful tool.
  • Skilled swordsman. Tends to prefer gladius-like swords. Also a decent shot with hand guns and smaller-caliber rifles. He keeps a silver sword in his home.
  • Defaults to fairly polite.


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